Our history

In 1918 a terrible flu pandemic gripped the world destroying communities and families. Doctors and nurses worked around the clock to save as many people as possible. When the pandemic eventually subsided it left hundreds of destitute and orphaned children in its wake. 

The voices were heard by the then Inwendige Zending Kommissie (iZK) later known as the Algemene Armesorkomissie (ASK) now known as the Sinodale Komissie vir die Diens van Barmhartigheid (SKDB). During a meeting in Wellington the question was asked whether a community like Malmesbury or Moorreesburg would benefit from a home for these children.

The Moorreesburg church council heard about this and on 21 April 1919  a decision was made to donate a couple of morgen of land to the IZK, and to collect and donate money to the cause. In addition the council loaned the IZK R4000 at 5% interest. 

In 1921 there were almost no orphans left and it was decided to rename Huis van Heerde to a Child and Youth Care Centre that would take care of poor children or those from broken homes. 

Rev van Heerde, founder of Huis van Heerde vision was to care, support, protect and develop the children through various therapeutic and developmental programmes to orphaned and vulnerable children. Service delivery over the years has been provided by dedicated staff with a heart and passion for children. With the support of Badisa our Head Office, as well as caring – donors, communities and congregations in the area, the Centre was able to successfully meet the children’s physical and psychological needs that we provide.