How can you help now

Huis van Heerde (HvH), a programme of BADISA Western Cape, is a registered Child and Youth Care Centre (children’s home) that provides residential care to 70 children outside the children’s family environment in accordance with a residential care programme suited and developed for the children in the centre. People who want to make a contribution to HvH  can support us by donating specific products such as bread, cornmeal, jam, peanut butter, polony, sausages, chicken strips, eggs, cheese, Weetbix, Oats, Kellogg’s, copy paper, concentrated juice, Dettol, soap and disinfectant. 

How can you get involved in the long term

The biggest gifts you can give our children is time, funds and goods. Some of our needs include: 

  • Study aid 
  • Financial contributions
  • Holiday parents
  • Sport development
  • Fruit and vegetables
  • Toiletries
  • Inheritance
  • Therapeutic services support
  • Presenting fun and games
  • Stationery
  • Tertiary financial support

Donate today and get tax back 

As a registered and approved NPO/PBO donations of up to 10% of your annual earnings are deductible from your annual tax payment to SARS. Companies can contributed to HVH and the full value of the SED contribution will be counted for B-BBEE scorecard.

Bank details 

Inland Garden Route
Cheque account
Branch code: 128-505
Account number: 1285043324
Swift code: NEDSZAJJ