98 Years of Care: 1920 – 2018

Our Programmes


  1. To provide in the basic care needs of children, including physical, emotional, spiritual and educational needs.
  2. To offer Therapeutic Intervention
  3. To offer capacity building (developing Life Skills)

Jaarverslag – Huis van Heerde – April 2017 tot Maart 2018

Providing in the basic care needs of children:

  • Daily provision of nutritious meals to 70 children
  • Homely and safe environment
  • General health care
  • Suitable, appropriate clothing
  • Educational support and development
  • Recreational and Sport activities
  • Spiritual programmes/ support to partake in the local Church community activities


 Therapeutic intervention:

The team of Social Workers and Child Care Workers provide a therapeutic environment in which a child can be supported to work through trauma/ personal issues.  Child Care Workers are trained to do “life-space work.”


Each child placed at “Huis van Heerde” Child and Youth Care Centre has an “Individual Development Plan (IDP).”  The plan focuses on the strengths and developmental areas of every child.  The well-known “Circle of Courage” Model is used, i.e. the areas of Belonging, Mastery, Generosity and Independence are being considered.


Partnership working with the designated Social Workers – who remain working with the family of origin – is essential.  There is always a focus on family reunification services.  If it is not possible for a child to return home in the foreseen future, then alternative placements at approved families during weekends or holidays are considered.  It is necessary for children to stay connected with the community and to experience family life.


Social Workers offer therapeutic intervention, for example individual therapy, play therapy and/or group work etc. The IDP is reviewed every 6 months to determine the progress of child.  Sometimes children might be referred to other resources for additional services, for example to a Psychologist, Speech therapist, Occupational Therapist etc.)



Capacity building/ Life skills:


Various capacity building programmes are offered in age-appropriate formats, including:

  • Independent Living Skills
  • Constructive Coping skills (vs. Other coping skills such as drug use)
  • Victim empowerment
  • Food gardens
  • Music and drama projects
  • Creative arts & Crafts
  • Cooking and baking
  • Developing of entrepreneurial skills
  • Safety on the internet
  • Early Childhood Development Programme for the babies and toddlers