98 Years of Care: 1920 – 2018

Our team

Our team:

Our Management Board (Volunteers):

  • Chairperson: Rev. Lysander L. Prins (Representative of URCSA)
  • Vice-Chairperson: Ms Almine du Plessis (Representative of the community)
  • Wilma Engelbrecht (Representative of URCSA)
  • Jeffrey Petersen (Representative of the community)
  • Pierre Nel (Representative of the community)
  • Marius Rademan(Representative of the community)
  • Le Febre Relihan (Representative of the community)
  • Karen van Bosch (Staff member/ Appointed Manager)
  • In advisory capacity from Badisa: Carin van der Merwe (Social Services Manager/ Supervisor)


Our Management Team:

  • Karen van Bosch (Manager)
  • Charlotte Orlam-Talmakies (Social Worker)
  • Arina Burger (Support Services)
  • Cathy Stroebel (Admin/ Bookkeeper)


Our Staff Members (in addition to the above-mentioned Management Team):

  • 10 Child and Youth Care Workers
  • Admin/ Receptionist – Ms. Alana Laws
  • 2 Grounds Team/ maintenance staff members
  • 6 Kitchen staff/ general assistant staff members